Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Dream !!! My 10KG Toman !!! My Birthday Gifts !!! By BKKGUY

What the biggest birthday gift for me for this year???

To land another monster size toman - A massive N whoppy 10KG , barely 2 DAYS after my birthday.

The feelings N the excitement that day simply hard to describe......awesome fights...:)

I was there with my Netherland angler, he has a few missed on the big toman N MAMA toman too.

But that wild fishing, you just dunno when the next big one is going to hit....

I've landed many MAMA tomans N those singles averg size 5-6KG.

The last time I hit on a 11.5Kg (on land base), that was 1 year ago..

This catch was different from that 11.5KG catch because when you fought the big monster toman on a boat.

The difficulty level of the fights was more challenging N unexpected.

You don't know when the monster toman will make the next dive under the boat.

By record, those singles toman are much stronger N heavier than those MAMA toman.

The MAMA tomans always have to keep looking after her baby fry thus doesn't feed well during these the fry period.

Unlike the singles toman which constantly looking for her next meal.

Fat N strong fights , that what I can say about those singles toman fishes..:)

The minute the monster toman hit my buzz bait lure, it made an attempted to dive towards the nearest bushes.

Luckily I'm using a strong braided line- Varivas.

This type of PE line can withstand the hash abrasion caused by the main line rubbing against the thick bushes.

Due to the nature of the wild toman fishing , I always inform my coming anglers to use a higher PE braided line.

You can never tell where you gonna get a strike from the monster toman.

Can be anywhere !!!! Just remember that no every toman hookup happen in the open and free from underwater obstacle.

Be my guests and share together with me the happy moment for that day.

Memorable photos N hardcore action video clip below:

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