Friday, November 11, 2011

The Big One That Got away ! The Agony ! By BKKGUY

I've been looking high N low for the monster size toman in Thailand. The last time I ever landed a real monster size toman( above 10KG) , that was 1 year ago.

It was that 11.5KG monster toman 1 year ago that make my addiction to toman (Giant Snakehead) so deep , a habit hard to kicks till today.

Ever since then, I've been searching high N low in Thailand for the monster toman (10KG N above) in the wild. Unlike those pond type toman, where you can feed them to 10KG. The monster wild toman , pound by pound fights the strongest N more aggressive than any other freshwater fishes .

Driving great distant from 200KM to 500KM within 1 day in search of your dream catch, is not surprise to some hardcore anglers toman lovers like myself.

That day, I managed to get another close.... close.... encounter with this monster toman of 10KG N above. I came face to face with this monster toman. Just when I was about to land it, it make another dashed underneath the boat and got away.....Yes, right infront of my eyes.... Sigh !!!!

Damn.... the feeling of losing the big fish make me lose sleep for 2 nights..

"So close yet so far"- The how I feel that day. By BKKGUY

I went back to the same spot the following week , hopefully to have a chance to catch the monster toman again.

Well.... like most other wild fishing elsewhere in the world. The fish will not wait for you.... end up I landed another 5KG MAMA toman as a compensation and comfort for my trip.... ;)


Watch all the explosive actions captured at below youtube clip.

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