Sunday, October 16, 2011

Snakehead Hunter (Huruan ) Wild Fishing Thailand By BKKGUY

Snakehead or in asia we call them "haruan", the smaller family of Giant Snakehead (Toman) is one of the fishes you will get to fish if you happen to fish in the wild dam.

The fry MAMA season is coming to and end soon as Thailand slowly change the season from raining to cool season.
I'll be targeting those individual toman in the deep water using deep diver lures like risto rap.

The fights and strength of these individual toman fishes are much stronger than those fry MAMA.
Beside toman, there will be wild sebarau (jungle perch) to fish in the wild.
Haruan is also one of the smaller game fish we can lure fishing in the wild.

One of my target fish for 2012 will be featherback (belinda) fish . I'm going for ambitious mission of targeting this wonder fish on lure in Dec.
Wait for my catch report then.

In the meantime, enjoys one of my snakehead (haruan) trip I done recently at the dam.

The challenge and the unknown catch in the wild , make every anglers eager to go back for more.....

That's wild fishing !!! That's also true fishing in life !!!

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