Friday, September 30, 2011

Toman !! Giant Snakehead !! Love Wild ! By BKKGUY

Another Great Trip !!! Another Great Catch !!!
Despite the bad condition of the water clarity (red water), I can manage to land another whoppy 5KG PAPA toman. I seem proud of myself.

In wild fishing, the nature and the surrounding is your teacher.
You must learn from the wild yourself and experience the wonderful of what the mother nature present to us anglers.
Wild fishing is only for those who DARE to take up the big challenge!!!

For those who NEVER SAY DIE attitude !!!
For casting endlessly hundreds of casts and just waiting for the big bite from the big MAMA toman.

Everyone is never too late to learn. The only setback is the angler himself must first take the first step out of the comfort zone of stock pond fishing and start thinking like a true angler.

"Some go to church and think about fishing, Others go fishing and think about God." - Author: Unknown

Exciting N explosive actions vid clip!!!!

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