Monday, May 11, 2009

Mekong dough baits

I think I wrote them before but now I would like to conclude all the common mekong recipes + methods use in mekong fishing.
Afterall, mekong fishing is still my all time favorite fishing.

Method 1
Dough baits + additive.
1.Put about 5kg of old bread into the bread grinder to turn them into powder form.
2.After grinding, this is what it should look like.
3.Standby the flavoring additive + coconut milk.
For additive can be pandan, butter milk or any other flavoring you find in your local provision shop. For me, I always use butter milk. Coconut milk is a must for this case.The brown item in the plastic bag is the sugar paste which thai use in their som tam (papaya pop pop). If you cannot find them, you can use rock sugar . As long it is sweet base, it ok.
4.Then add all in.
5.After mixing, push all into the grinder hole.
6.This is what is the end result after grinding.
7.After that, pack them into plastic bag of 2kg each.
Seal it up tightly and keep it for 4 days for best results.

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