Monday, May 11, 2009

Mekong Catfish & Siamese Carp Baits !!!

Method 2.

If you guy went over to BSR, you can choose to use bread baits for your mekong fishing.That's for those who not so familiar with chicken feeding baits.

1)Standby 3 pails.
1 pail to put your bread bait, 1 pail is to pour the coconut milk to mix with pond water and 1 pail is to wash your hand. :lol:

2)Coconut milk.

3)Over at BSR, the most common use is this silver pack which thai call it 'porki' which cost you 50 bahts/pack.

4)Tear the porki and pour them all in plus little amount of coconut milk +water.

5)This is how the dough bait should look like after mixing.

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