Friday, September 2, 2011

Massive MAMA Toman Landed !!!Almost 9KG !!! Wild Fishing Thailand By BKKGUY

The wild !!! The excitment !!! And the high expectation !!!

Hunting for massive monster MAMA toman in Thailand , need great amount of fishing skills & local knowledges.

I bought along 8 different types of toman lures & frogs, in the end rubber ribbit lure still work best.

What lure to use, largely has to depend on what kind of terrains you're fishing and the situations during the 'hot MAMA pursuits'

That require great amount of wild fishing experience.

Woke up in the wee morning, drove 400KM to my MAMA destination is no joke.

Only avid toman lovers / anglers can apply for my job. haha !!!

Important: Do practise catch & release whenever you can while fishing in the wild especially when come to MAMA toman.
Without the mother toman by baby toman side, all baby toman fry will die eventually or been eaten up by other fishes.

Enjoys the exciting vid clip I done for my monster Snakehead adventure trip.

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