Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fun !!The Dream !! Monster MAMA Toman- BKKGUY

What can I say ???? I brought out the wild side of Terence.

Terence has been fishing with me for a few round of wild toman trips together. But it always his dream to land a nice & fat MAMA toman
(Giant Snakehad) to take photo for his personal fishing collections.

This particular day I finally make his dream come true for him.

With good coaching and great tips from me, on this particular day , Terence finally managed to fullfill his BIG MAMA toman dream.

Forget about pond fishing !!! Forget about stock pond fishing !!!

Wild fishing is the utter most challenging kind of fishing that every true angler must experience it. Confront the fear !!! Take up the big challenge !! See who got the upper hands, you or the fish..

Hundreds of castings and constantly changing lures during the hot pursuits. Need great amount of fishing skills & local knowledges.

"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day… Teach a man to fish, you get rid of him for the weekend. " haha !!! ;)

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