Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wild Fishing Adventure Fishing Thailand By BKKGUY

The adventure of your lifetime. Once you've tasted the wild fishing , you will never want to look back to pond fishing. You will always keep looking for new adventure & new hunting ground to ease your itch. . ;)

There are hundreds of natural reserviors and dams within bkk and around bkk regions. Getting there is one thing, knowing what to do ??? What to expect ??? How to fish in the wild is another matter. Not everyone know how to fish in the wild especially when come to Thailand toman (snakehead) fishing in the wild. Thailand toman is aggressive and strong.

You can reach the famous Srinakarain dam and the beautiful Kao Laem dams within 3-4hrs drive from bkk by car.

A 1 DAY fishing trip is possible but I would suggest to fish at least 2 DAYS to make the fishing trip more relax and rewarding.

Enjoys the fishing adventure I had with my thai fella kaki 2 DAYS ago.

" Life is for the fishing ! "

Exciting video clip...

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