Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kaiser Shop- Mark's Toman Dream Come True- 8.50KG By BKKGUY

Kaiser Pro shop co partner - Mark Richard approched me some month ago to arrange for a 2 DAYS wild toman fishing trip in Thailand. There are many dams and reserviors in Thailand. If you choose the wrong spot to fish, you may end up nothing..

There is only 1 thing in Mark's mind, an attempt to fish the monster size toman (5KG & above) to make his day full. Like he said to me: "You can land 8-10 small size toman in 1 day but at the end of the day, it every angler's dream to land a monster size toman to make their dream come true."I totally agreed with that statement.

I've chosen to fish 2 different spots for our 2 DAYS of monster toman hunting adventure. At least we got to fish 2 different locations and has 2 different scenery to enjoys.

Thailand toman is famous for their bull strength and aggressive. Their body length is also longer than those toman found in Malaysia and other part of asia.

Beforehand, I've advised Mark what to bring and what to prepare. Wild toman strenght is much stronger than those pond toman. I should say at least 2 X stronger and more aggressive.

So proper tackles and lures must be use- Otherwise you may lose your dream fish.

Enjoys the exciting vid clip I done for Mark.

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