Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toman Season !!! Toman Fry !!! - Part 1 By BKKGUY

The toman season has just began......and I'm getting all ready to hit at those wild mama toman whenever and wherever. Wild toman fishing in Thailand is a BIG GAME SPORT here. Not for any aveg angler. You need to be fast, accurate and eyes must be sharp....

With the right tackle and lures then can ensure your sucessfully landing of the mama toman.

Any boatman can bring you to the fry but how you get the mama to whack your lure, that's something the angler has to figure out himself. Btw, not every toman fry is easy target.

I love the challange of chasing the toman fry for 1-2hrs. It's like a mind playing game of man vs the fish. Better than anything in the world.. haha !!!

Of all the toman fry, those frys which are reddish color & the size of the small tadpole, are the most difficult to target of all.

Just when you think you can agitate the mama toman by distrubing the baby fry, you'll be in for a big surprise. After you've casted 4-5 castings, you will eventually see the small tiny red pool of toman fry gather in 1 small group. The mama toman will then appear from beneath & took her baby fry into her mouth and dive under the water.

Instead of getting the mama toman to be angry, the angler will get frustrated first... haha !!!

I have 1 miss on the mama toman and another hooked up but loss the fish during netting.... Damn.... I'm going to return for my revenge trip soon...

This round, will wait for the fry to grow the size of the cig butt size. That's when the mama toman can't take the frys into its mouth. Any intruders or lures within the 1m radius of the fry, will be attacked by the mama toman for sure.

Wait for my revenge trip in the next episode of 'Chasing the Toman Fry' Part 2.

View all actions in this vid clip & photos highlights below :

Enjoys !!!

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