Saturday, June 4, 2011

Topwater Actions With Mama Toman !!! Damn Good !!! By BKKGUY

Can't resist them !!! I everyday think of 'her'.
Damn !!! I got return to 'her' for more actions !!!

This trip round , I brought along my video cam. I specifically instructed my boatman to take some good shots at the topwater actions on my lure when I'm pressuring the mama toman during chasing.

It is fun !!! It is electrifying !!! I simply love topwater actions !!!

Watch the youtube clip below . You will see how I diligently tracked the toman fry for almost 45mins, pressuring the mama on every step of the way, keeping changing my lure and finally to the point of pissed off the mama toman & she finally attacked my lure.

All actions captured in this explosive video clip.

Enjoys guys !!!

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