Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mama Toman !!! I Love Mama !!! By BKKGUY

I always have the liking of mama toman, their beautiful strips and destination color pattern. The joys of having your topwater lure in actions when the mama whack the lure. It really exciting & your heart can stop beat for a second. haha !!!

"Nothing beat fishing mama toman in the wild" ;)

Pound by pound it is still the BEST & STRONGEST freshwater fish in asia.

So when I heard of news of mama toman with baby fry in a dist location DAM off bkk, I loadup my fishing gears, lures box and off I go for yet another wild fishing adventure trip.. ;)

The distant drive 400KM (4HRS) from bkk city.

Fishing toman fry in Thailand is not as easy as some pPls think. You need alots of patience, endurance and it mind fishing game with you vs the mama toman.

As more & more local thai anglers practise catch & release in Thailand. You will not be surprised to see a mama toman been hooked up before. Once those mama toman hooked up once, it will be very wary of lure and will not strike so easy..

If that is the case, you need to keep pestering & pressure the toman fry. For those young & impatience anglers, after a few castings may give up chasing the fry.

For angler like myself, who love the great challenge & love the mind fishing game with the mama toman. As long as the mama toman starte to chase the lure away from its fry, I know I'll have the chance. It is only matter of time, it will bite my lure.

But still, you have only 1 chance if the mama strike. If the mama toman bite your lure and you failed to give a good strike. It will not bite again for the next 3hrs or so... Having a proper set of medium-heavy tackle and hooks are important for a 'home run' on the mama toman.

My recommended tackle for toman :
Rod : 10-20Ibs
Line: Braided Power Pro PE 3 or 4
Hooks: Change all split rings and strong 4X hooks.
Lures: Bring all kind of topwater lures and deep diver lures.

See all actions in this short video clip of mine..

Explosive actions !!! ;)

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