Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rapala Team & KingFisher Wild Sebarau Fishing By BKKGUY

Fun !!! Fun !!!! Fun !!!

Nothing beating fishing in the wild...- the saying goes... :)

Not only I share the same sentiment, there are many avid anglers like Fred Goh( Rapala rep ), Darren Shan (Kingfisher mag editor) and another SG avid angler Chong, we all share the same likeness and common hobby to fish in the wild... :)

Myself , together with Rapala rep- Fred Goh, Kngfisher editor and magazine - Darren Shgan and invited guest Chong (from SG) , we had 2 FULL DAYS of wild sebarau fishing in a distant nature dam off bangkok , some 300Km(3hrs) drive by transport.

Fishing in the wild is like going for an adventure fishing trip. You never know what you're going to get that day. More like wild hunting trip.... ;)

First DAY !!!
We landed a total of almost 50++ sebarau (jungle perch) + 3 toman fishes by Fred Goh. Man....... thiss is what I call good fishing trip... ;)

2nd DAY !!!
The 2nd day was also as exciting as the first day, manage to land 20-30 pieces .....

What day !!!! What a trip to remember !!! ;)

For those who want to read the whole story, you can buy this month March issue of Kingfisher magazine over the shelve and read all about the new exciting wild sebarau fishing trip. ;)

For those who can't wait.... you can have a glimpse of the whole trip inside my music youtube clip... ;)

Enjoys !!!

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