Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love The Nature !!! Love The Wild Fishing Thailand By BKKGUY

The weather in Thailand is getting weird. In the month of march suppose to be hot , the temperature dropped to between 18-20 degree in bangkok for the past few days.The southern part of Thailand especially Surit Thani is flooded from the past weeks of rainings.

I had to put up my cold sweater while going for fishing trips. :(!!!

Looking at my rather tight fishing schedules, I managed to squeeze 1 DAY of toman wild fishing trip for my own leisure fishing.

Drove some 300KM in the wee morning (12.00AM) and be back late night at 10.00PM and then be ready for the next morning fishing trip at 5.00AM, is not everybody cup of tea. Only a crazy addicted toman angler like myself will do that... haha !!!

Despite the cold spells I managed to land a nice size 5KG toman (snakehead) and missed a few small takes on sebarau, haruan and little toman.

The biggest catch of the day is spending time for myself with the nature. Only me and the nature, away from city.

Understanding the nature, different tactic & presentating of lures in the wild fishing ground. Things like these, you need to experience it yourself. The more you fish in the wild,, the more experience & avid angler you'll become in the future.

Enjoys the slide photos clip.

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