Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wild Sebarau (Jungle Perch) ! Wild Lovers ! BKKGUY

Nothing beat fishing in the wild. Billy & Gary has a date with me for a once a life time fishing trip in one of the exotic fishing ground for wild sebarau in Thailand. The distant from bkk to the fishing destination is about 350KM ( 3hrs drive). Both were excited about the wild fishing trip with me. After all, this is their very first time fishing in a wild environment in Thailand. Along the way to our fishing destination, I've to feed them as many info as possible to get them familiar about wild fishing scene.

The wild fishing trip itself is already challenging. The experience of the trip is an adventure we keep for memories.

Trying something new and get out of comfort zone is what true fishing is all about. Like in NIKE Sport logo: "Let Do It ".

For sebarau fishing , any catch above 1kg on light tackle is already a good fights. Our dear Dr. Billy here was lucky enough to hit on a 2KG sebarau on top water lure. The joys of seeing him hitting a jackpot sebarau fish of that size in the wild, it hard to describe. I was on the same boat as him, I'm happy for him too.

Off topic abit, my personal target for sebarau will be 4KG. Not at this dam but somewhere even further. Just waiting for the right time , a phone call from my boatman and I off to a IGFA record under class line. Wish me luck !!

We landed a total of 19 sebarau on top water lure that day. Be it sunny or heavy downpour of rains in mid day. These guys still stand put and fish all the way under the rains.

This will be fishing trip Billy and Gary will not forget.

Great Company !!! Great Fishing !!!

Enjoys the music vid clip I done for them.

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