Tuesday, February 22, 2011

American Angler Wild Sebarau Fishing Thailand

I brought Harold (American angler) to have 1 DAY fun of sebarau fishing(jungle perch) in Thailand. This is the very first time Harold visits Thailand. He has never fish in this part of asia before.

He own a fishing boat back in USA and guided some of the great offshore sport fishing himself back home.

He has always wanted to try the freshwater fishing in Thailand. It will be great to introduce two of the prized freshwater fishes of asia - The Toman & Sebarau.

As this period is not the toman month yet, we'll have to settle for some sebarau fun fishing at one of the distant dam.

After a few tips from me here and there, Harold is ready to rock and rolls on him own.... ;)!!!!

Given his limited experience in freshwater fishing in this part of Thailand. A fast learning angler like himself, very fast he transform to be a sebarau killer and landed 15 pieces of sebarau in 1 DAY. The prized fish of the day is this 2KG sebarau landed on topwater lure. Not bad at all. :)

The fights and beautiful scenery are enough to get him all excited to visit asia again. Hopefully he will bring more of his big game fishing buddies to fish in Thaiand.

The fights and beautiful scenery are enough to get him all excited.

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