Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thomas Stroker Rod !!! Flexi Power !!! -BKKGUY

On behalf of the fishing team, I want to thank you John for your kind guidance for the two days of action packed fishing.

By the way, here is a Testimonial for you from Anna who sent me an email at about 3.oopm while you all were still fishing on the first day:

First email:

What a morning! I caught the first fish with your stroker, up till now we have caught more than 30 fishes and its only 3pm. We got some big ones. John is fantastic, the fishes really love the fish food! Never caught so many fishes in one day. Your friend Wong also came to see us fish. Still fishing now.

Second email:

Dear Thomas,

Had a fun and tiring day at Bungsamran yesterday. Tiring becos we got more fishes than we wanted. We did not get any pla kaho though. Lots of mekong catfish, pla sawei, pla berk. I think Joachim landed quite a big fish about 35-40 kg.

We started fishing around 9am cos we got to wait for our bungalow which was occupied by night anglers night before. By 10am in the morning we already got more than 10 fishes, good sizes, mostly around 20-30, some smaller ones around 10-20 kg. It was non stop, your blue Thomas stroker was actually very lucky, kept on getting so many bites, we don't have to wait for long for the bites, cast and sometimes within 2 f**king minutes we got a fish already!! I have to tell John to slow down, even Joachim was tired after landing so many fishes.
I like John, especially his pleasant friendly personality, he is a fantastic fishing guide and his helper is also a nice guy. I highly recommend him if you need a guide. I shall certainly use his service again.

One of your customer, he said you have taught him to fish long time ago, K L Wong came to look see and ended up fishing with us. Today he has booked John. I think Joachim will be joining them today also. We got many nice photos and will send it to you soon, big file, maybe will burn it into a CD and send it to you. John's camera got some nice photos too.

Feeling a bit stiff this morning, my finger's still hurting and so is my arm.

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Exciting vid clip !!!

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