Friday, July 2, 2010

My Toman !!! My Way !!!- BKKGUY

Finally got a time off to go for my regular toman fishing. My favorite pastime fishing of all time.

Toman (snakehead) fishing is very additive game fishing sport. The toman fishes are smart, cunning & ferious fish. The sudden attack on your topwater lure can give any angler into ecstasy mood. Many japanese and foreign anglers love to fish toman in Thailand.
All claimed , thailand toman to be the most agressive and strongest toman among others.

I always tell those coming anglers that if you want to land your dream thai toman fish. You have to work hard towards it (never give up attitude )and most important must learn to 'listen to my advice and knowledge'. Whatever tactic and lures you apply back home, may not work here.

Hardwork + 'listen and follow' the instruction given, you will eventually land your dream toman in Thailand.

Don't forget, this is not any pond fish.
We are fishing in the wild surrounding.
That the challenge !!! The personal fulfilment !!!

Vid clips... ;)
Enjoys !!!

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