Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Sebarau (Jungle Perch) !!! My Way !!! BY BKKGUY

What a day !!! What a fish !!!

Just came back from Khon Khen (Northeast Thailand) with family (6hrs drive 500km), reached bkk at 12.00am. Chop !!! Chop packed my Daiwa Zillion , Shimano Calcutta tackle, 1 Loomis rod and 1 valley hill rod and my wild fishing lures, drove over to my thai kaki fishing pond to watch the World Cup final match between Spain and Holland.

After the game finished at 3.00am, without even close an eye, we set off for our sebarau wild fishing as planned at one of the nearby dam. The journey to there is about 1.5hrs drive, asked my thai kaki to takeover the wheel while I quickly steal some sleep before we reach there.

I was like deep into my sleep suddenly got a wakeup call from my kaki.

Pom: " Hey , John deng dai liao (wakeup !! reach already)
Myself: " Ler, thai mai lue jiang (Why so fast reach ? )
Pom: Do !! Do !! Swee mai !!! Jiao !!! (Look !! Look !! Nice place or not ??? Perfect man!!!)

The rest is history....... keke!!!!

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