Monday, June 28, 2010

50KG Chao Phraya Catfish & 38KG Arapaima By BKKGUY

On thursday morning , I brought my whole family to Greenvalley fishing resort for a holiday vacation.

It was a wonderful trip, I landed a 50KG Chao Phraya Catfish and a 38kg Arapaima. Before that in the early morning, I missed landing a 80kG arapaima. The giant arapaima fought for a good 10mins before it went under the metal gate and the line just snapped. What a waste !!!

Back in my mind, I was trying to aim for their biggest residence fish- a 150KG & 180KG arapaima. Till today , hold the record for the 'biggest arapaima' in term of weight in Thailand.

Caught a dozen of their redtails, 5-6 of their monsters aligator gar and a few black pacu fishes.

Must give thanks to the owner of the fishing resort, who has given me & my family a V.I.P treatment while we were there.Will be back for more actions in the future...

Here the vid clip I done up for the trip.

The 'live actions pack' of our 50KG CPC figthing.

80KG arapaima 'live actions pack' vid clip.

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