Saturday, October 31, 2009

Double Hookup - 115KG Mekong Catfish + 45KG Siamese Carp

Thanks guys, especially to bkkguy aka John who made this trip such a memorable one... Well, I broke one of my NEW 40lb rod which I made especially for this trip and I was still smiling cuz I was expecting the mekongs to do that.

The best rod length to use there is about 6ft/ 50lb setup minimum imho cuz you will never know what's coming next.

Do check out the other posting by John of our trip to IT Monster,

I was really lucky to land 20 over pieces of REDTAILS ranging from 8 to 35kg,, with some other species like Aligator, Belinda, Toman, Hybrid Redtail???, Pacu and ARAPIAMA


Bungsamrun vid clip

IT Monsters vid clip

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