Thursday, November 5, 2009

Steve From England Fishing BSR & IT Monsters Lake With BKKGUY

65KG Giant Siamese Carp Fish Landed.

Here's a quick report as the pictures are here.

IT Monsters is farther away than BSR and is open from 0600 to 2000. As the lure fishing is best at first light it was a 0430 pick up to be there for 0600, plus you beat the traffic at that time. The lake is stocked with a variety of unusual fish including Arapaima and Alligator Gar from the Amazon, along with loads of redtail catfish. It's lure only until 1400 but with a twist as you can buy live baitfish which get thrown in to get the fish in a feeding frenzy and make your lure very attractive.

After 1400 dead bait can be used. I had 4 early fish and then it went quiet until we could use the bait but I kept myself amused walking round luring, and had a couple more hook ups but lost them. later in the day the fish came back on and I caught my best of the day, a 35kg redtail which led me a dance around the lake. Altogether I had 12 redtail, 1 barramundi and 3 boku which look a bit like permit.

At about half six the mozzies came out in force so it was time to go home. As mentioned previously, fishing is not cheap here and that jaunt set me back 240 pounds; pity the weather was a bit against me, but that's fishing! John the guide worked his socks off once again and I thoroughly recommend him.

IT Monsters vid clip.

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