Thursday, May 21, 2009

19 anglers from S'pore.

Just reached Home from BKK...

Its really wonderful fishing.. I bring my wife along for her to experience the bite thinking of sharing a rod with her since she will only be fishing for 10-20 mins, after few bites, she asked me " do you have a spare rod?" she wanted to have a rod by her own and wanted full day fishing....

she had landed more than 60 fishes smallest 8lb, biggest at 12lb but mostly 10lb.. the final few hours, there isn't a single smile on her face as the hook up rate is almost 3 cast 1 bite. She is too tired.... Well done John, hope to see you again in May, we will enquire airticket and confirm for the May's trip very soon..

Too tired now, hopefully within these few days i can post some photos and more details about our trip

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