Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 Good Fishing Buddies Fishing With Me.

John: Firstly i would like to thank u for this 3 days of wonderful service u provide. you are one that would make us shag out on all three days. i respect the kind of observation u had for us. i'll start from Boon MA.

Noticing that the bite rate slow down just a little, u find ways and means to let us have better bite rates. We realise that u have very good relationship with the pondie that allow us to fulfill that "Magical Suggestion" u've made. To cut Short, it was Boon Mar trip Me and Kelvin ever had.

At the word fishing park, i was suprise that u actually drive along our boat and observe us throughout the whole fishing session. That place is so damn huge. Everytime we hit something i think u get to know before my partner or myself do. haha and we can hear u from far screaming" issit PAKU?? issit Big?" haha. Were u on binoculars?? too bad the second half of the day the fishes are not that active. they do chase the lure just that they are not that ferocious like in the morning. Our skipper already made the maximum effort to travel the whole entire area. fish just isnt biting. i would recommend that place for just the morning session for all. Great day we had. if not for u, we wont get to fish there. Seems like the skipper only allow your contacts to fish there. thanks to "Bat" if i got the skipper name correctly.

Lastly at the IT Monster Lake. This trip is unforgettable! WE FXXKing Made a History at that place with 31 fishes in a day by 2 anglers. u r the only service provider who force yr anglers to wake up at 330am with us sleeping just 3 hours and yrself sleeping merely 2 hours the day before. u r GOOD! at the place don even wanna give more breakfast time just bcos u wan us to get as much fish as possible. At IT lake u really make the pondie work as much as possible keep changing spots, the fish must bite within 10 mins. How i wish u r a fishing charter captain in Sg. Even raining u refuse to go back into the shelter. I think u must be doing this service out of passion only. u look so much more excited than us. haha. part is the pondies, yrself and us were all wroking as hard as possible towards our no. 30 fishes. ended up as a double hookup at the last fish and seting the record of 31.

last of all, we like to thank u for the all 3 days again. We break our record for the Biggest PaKu, The Best trip we ever had at Boon Mar and We set the record at IT monster lake. Way to go Bro! Choke DEE!

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