Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Pursuit MAMA Toman By BKKGUY

MAMA toman aka Giant Snakehead of Thailand, the fishing season is about to begin in another 3 weeks or more. I've my own team of boatmen and contacts, who ..... one the first sightings of the toman fry, will report to me at once... By still, the successful landing of the MAMA toman lie on each angler fishing skills. A good knowledge about the behavior of mama toman is very important. The mama once been caught and released before, will not be so easy to catch again. Thus choosing the correct lure, is the key to successful landing your prized mama toman in the wild. Every anglers want to fish the easy fry (so called virgin toman fry)..Meaning to say, there is 1 pair (both mama N papa toman) guarding the fry. Usually the papa toman will make the first move to attack any intruder which swim near the baby fry. If the papa toman has been caught by someone. The mama toman will be unwilling to bite so easy. We need to constantly pestering the baby fry to make the mama toman provoked then she will attack your lure. I'll demonstrate how it is done in my " Hot Pursuit of MAMA toman" youtube clip. Do enjoys the photos and topwater actions video clip. Thanks for reading my catch report.....

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