Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Golden Thai Mahseer (Tor Tambroides) Thailand By BKKGUY

The Golden Thai Mahseer (Tor Tambroides) is one of the most source after game fish by big time anglers around the world. It is by most the fastest freshwater fish you could find in asia. The FIRST burst off after hooked up can last 30 sec....non stop. Making it challenging and awesome game fish to catch for those avid anglers. The mighty mahseer, reputed to be the most powerful freshwater gamefish. Shy in nature and not easy to spot in the fast flowing stream. It will be a great challenge for any anglers to fight this mighty golden mahseer in a difficult terrains using flies and lures on medium tackle setup. Biology : Adults inhabit pools and runs over gravel and cobble in rivers flowing through undisturbed forests . Juveniles were most commonly collected in or near rapids . Found in small rivers and streams during the dry season. Move downstream at the onset of the rainy season, but generally avoid turbid waters. Mature individuals migrate upstream after two months and spawn in July near the mouths of small streams that the young subsequently ascend. Omnivorous, feeding on both animal and vegetable matter, at times consuming toxic fruits in flooded forests, making them temporarily inedible. Here is me who are on the mission to land this beautiful fish on lure.
"Nothing beats fishing in the wild "
By BKKGUY Enjoys some of the great pics.....

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