Monday, December 27, 2010

Wild !! Wild !! Wild !! Toman !! Toman !! Toman!!! By BKKGUY

Just want to share another wild toman trip I did 2 days ago. Hand itchy and also to test out some of my rapala lures. The journey is rather challenging, some 500KM from bkk city. The day before I just have a fishing trip with a fella SG angler to Pilot 111. I had less than 5 hrs of sleep , chop !! chop !!! packed my lures and tackles and hit the road. Left bkk city at 1.30am and reach there almost 5.30am. The weather was fine and less winds. Landed 2 monster toman 8.02KG & 5.40KG and lost one really big one . Still falls short of my personal target of > 10KG toman in order to submit for my IGFA World Record. I will be away fishing toman for the next 3 DAYS (17th-20th Dec) with SG anglers (father & son team) for another attempt for the toman record purpose. Wish us luck !!! Tackle & setup use: Rods: 10-20 Ibs Gloomis 6 ft & Valley hills 6ft 7' Reels: Daiwa Zillion 7.3 limited & my all time favorite Daiwa Ryoga 1016H Lures: Rapala deep diver Line: Power Pro PE 4 Shock leader: 50 Ibs super soft I have trouble uploading my vid clip to youtube for the past 2 days. :( Instead I've since uploaded my vid clip to one of the china hosting video site. Enjoys the 'LIVE ACTIONS' in this clip. :)

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  1. Nice Toman but I cant work out where you are fishing 500k in 4 hours Chiang Mai?
    Kanchanaburi is only about 300 klm max.
    Been looking at buying the Ryoga myself.
    BTW what is name of song and artist.. I promised my wife I would learn at least one Thai song and that is slow enough for me
    Chok Dee