Monday, December 27, 2010

11.5kg & 7KG Giant Snakehead (Toman) !!! Personal Best Toman Record Broken !!!

The hunt is on ................for the legend monster toman secret lake in Thailand. I heard about it !!! We talk about among the thai lurers !!! It a well keep secret among the top toman lovers in Thailand. Very few thai anglers know about this well kept place and not to mention to share.....

Rumours & many stories flying around said recently , there is this local thai lurer landed a monster 18KG toman (snakehead) in the said lake. Rare catch of this kind of size only can be heard of in the past. Due to overfishing in many dams, seldom you will land any toman above 10KG in the wild.

Toman there in size range from 5-20kg, 4X VMC hooks broken & straighten !!! Rod broken to pieces !!!

As more big catch stories floating round , the more excited I'm getting.

But then , I heard from those who went that those toman there NOT easy to land or catch on lure !!! You must do some preparation and be a savvy lurer yourself before you attempt this place. If not, the least is your casting skills must be precise and accurate !!! Deep diver crank bait lure is the favorite there !!!

We'll do spot casting : Meaning to say when we see the toman come to the surface to breath air, we must cast fast and accurate to the spot where it surface !!! Sound easy but need many self practises before you can perfect your casting !!!

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