Monday, June 7, 2010

Thai Mahseer Fly Fishing With Bobby (NG River Guides) in Thailand- BKKGUY

I made a trip up north to Chiang Mai to meet up with Bobby- The pro fly fishing angler of Thailand. I had a wonderful half day tour around his little town and once a liftime thai masheer fly fishing (half day) experience within the beautiful Karen mountains.

It an eye opening for me. Bobby is very accomodating person, really know how to pamper his invited guest. With only half day (4 hrs of fly fishing), we landed some 10 fishes. Of course, needless to say that Bobby landed the most fishes. haha !!!

Given my limited experience in stream wild fishing, I managed to land 2 thai blue mahseer and 1 other species. There are hundreds if not thousands of thai mahseer fishes swimming around us at the river. What sight !!! But still, must give thanks to Bobby , for his patience and good guidance to help me land my dream fish (thai mahseer) on fly. I can't believe a countryboy like Bobby is well trained in fly fishing by many famous overseas fly fishing mentors. His concept and thinking on fly fishing is second to none. Well done Bobby !!! ;) Once again, thanks for your great hospitalilty.

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