Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fly Fishing Fever IT Monsters In Thailand- BKKGUY

Hi John,

What more can I say, "You're the man!" You have proven your capability and extensive local knowledge again and again to help anglers to land the fishes of their lifetime.

Also, not forgetting on the precious information and recommendations that you have provided so that me and my wife are well informed and be able to make the appropriate decision and also be able to enjoy our time in Bangkok during this trip be it whether fishing or shopping - while the rally is going on.

Thanks again.

Fly Fishing Fever In Thailand- BKKGUY

30kg Arapaima Landed On 5 wt Fly Fishing Rod In Thailand- BKKGUY

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  1. Awsome fishes, The fists picture of the gator gar, is just perfect.