Friday, April 2, 2010

60KG Arapaima Landed On Yamoto Lure IT Monsters lake- BKKGUY

wow john thanks so much for the nice catch report and excellent pictures!!

Having you as our guide for IT monster lake and boonma was the best decision we made for our Bkk trip. Finally realized my dream of hitting the "big one" on lure and my bro-in-law his alligator gar! Thanks also for the very good tips and tricks too... we enjoyed the "pacu frenzy while waiting for the redtails to come.... must have landed close to 40 pacus between us

My bro-in-law and me enjoyed ourselves very much and will definately fishing with you again very soon!

Take care ya and see u soon!


Music vid clip.

Wonder Lure- Yamoto Swim bait Barramiundi Fishing.


  1. Nice video, nice fish and nice blog. Here you have a nwe follower.