Sunday, February 10, 2013

Massive Mama Snakehead Fishing Thailand- Year Of Snake !!!- BKKGUY

This year 2013 is the year of Snake in the chinese zodiac calendar- It will be a good year for Giant Snakehead fishing (toman). The more snakehead you catch , the more fortune its bring you. Massive mama toman fishing trip in Thailand. Enjoys the youtube clip and photo highlights. Tackle use: Rod:Major Craft 12-25Ibs- Beneyro Rod- 7ft-BNC- 。 Reel:DAIWA RYOGA 1016 , DAIWA ZILLION。 Target fish: Giant Snakehead of Thailand。 Lure use:Rapala CD14 Magium。
Actions packs vid clip through my Bkk Fishing Tour youtube channel....

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