Saturday, March 3, 2012

The freestyle Wild Toman Fishing By BKKGUY

I've a day free to write a catch report.

Today I would like to touch on the topic of freestyle toman fishing.

This is by far the best and most challenging form of wild toman fishing you ever come across.

There is no baby toman fry for you to see to target the MAMA toman !!!

No casting at the water edge to target those individual toman.

You park the boat at the center of the dam and keep a lookout for the toman rises.

Once its rises, you need to be fast and accurate to cast your lure at those rises.

Even a 2-3 seconds delay, you will not get the fish.

This form of toman fishing is very intense and require highly casting skills..

In a day trip , you can easily casted out at least 800-1000 castings.

Not only you must be fit and fast, you must be able to balance well on the boat.

With these 3 elements combines: Fast , accuracy and good balance then will you be a good toman hunter.

Of all the different kinds of toman fishing, this form of freestyle toman fishing is the most challenging and more demanding on the angler himself.Only competitive anglers will love this kind of fishing.

Here the recent 3 of my customers who had done this form freestyle toman fishing with me for their trips. I 've taught them everythings they need to know about this freestyle toman fishing in deep water end. One of my customers , Sebastiaan lucky enough to land a wild featherback on his combat crank lure.

Once you've master the art of freestyle toman fishing, you're in a much better position than the rest of the anglers in common.

Thanks you for your time...


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