Wednesday, December 21, 2011

3 Big Misses On Monster Toman N Plenty Of Chances By BKKGUY

It is every angler dream to land a Monster Giant Snakehead aka Toman in the wild.

The funny thing about the Giant snakehead (toman) of Thailand is that you may hookup the fish but you may not be successfully land the fish.

A great peace of mind and patience is the key.

Of course, fast and accuracy casting also equally important when fishing for toman in the wild.

Just work on what the advises been given to you, you will be ok.

That's the big challenge of fishing Big Game fishes like the Giant Snakehead fishing in the wild.

The thing about toman is that their head are all bony and hard. Those normal treble hooks or single hook 1/O hook at times difficult to pierce through their hard bony mouth. Unlike big mouth bass N barramundi where their mouth are soft . It is much easy to set the hook in these fishes than toman.

A stiff rod of 10-20Ibs rod will do the job. Once the toman is hooked, set the hook twices. With a stiff backbone, you can easily pierce the hook through the toman mouth.
Beside a strong backbone rod, you also need a good quality braided line.

I've used a few other PE braided brands in the past and I finally settle for Variva line of Japan.Strong and lasting.

Varivas jigging line PE4 BRID x 8.

You will never goes wrong with it.

Though it a little more expensive than your usual braided line .

But when you think of losing your favorite lure to the fish and lose the big fella , it worth to change to a better quality premium brand.

The worst nightmare for any angler is to find your big fish gonna away because your main line snapped during the fights.

The weather also play a big part when come to wild fishing.

In the most usual day, the morning session will be calm , follows by strong winds in the afternoon.

If we're lucky, we'll have a full day of no winds and very calm water.

That's will be the best day for fishing.

On my 6 days fishing adventure with one of my french angler , we supposed to fish at 4 differents fishing locations. Due to the bad weather and reported strong winds, we were been forced to settle for the last 2 remaining fishable spots.

Despite the bad weather and strong winds, we still managed to perform N land a few MAMA toman.

My french angler (Vincent)was been pulled into the water when the MAMA toman took his crank bait lure.This is the first time, I ever witnessed an angler been pulled into the water by a Giant Snakehead.

We missed a few biggies and chased a few MAMA toman.

If it is not because of the bad weather we could have landed more.

Well...... that wild fishing.

It is like a game as what my french angler Vincent told me.

I went back to the 'same spot ' 2 DAYS later with another angler from Netherland, guess what ???

We landed 2 monster toman, one 7KG and the other 10KG dream toman.

Fishing in the wild, you need patience and open mindset.

"It not the fish that you are after, it is the challenge within yourself.

Once you have conquered your thinking, you will get your fish eventually.

Which I always do, that's why I got the fish most of the time.... "By BKKGUY

Enjoys the highlights of the photos.....

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  1. Great stuff John the real challenge now mate is to catch one of those girls on the flyrod 80lb leader strip strip strip BANG yahoo,using an SL12S Gamakatsu hook you'll be able to get a hold into their mouth and those hooks won't bend. Got my best fish on fly in the wild last month from my kayak a 67 cm Mary River Cod on a surface fly using my #8 weight. Been getting a few Aussie Bass as well. If you've got time have a look at my blogspot Cheers PAT