Friday, January 14, 2011

The Best Of Sebarau (Jungle Perch) Wild Fishing By BKKGUY

What day !!! What a relaxing trip for me !!!

Whenever I'm not going for any fishing trips. I would take my car, go for a spins and look for potential wild fishing spots for wild toman & sebarau around the countryside..

This particular fishing location , not far from bkk (250km -2.5hr drive) has many sebarau. For many fans of sebarau (jungle perch)anglers - This catch report will be a delight for you.

I landed some 20 sebarau fishes and missed a dozen more , all landed on my topwater lures. The said location has many seasweeds thus usage of those deep diver lures & spoon is out of the question.

This trip is just a warmup trip for me, to test out my topwater lures.

I'm targeting sebarau of monster size 3-5kg at the mid of this year.
Location- Top Secret !!!
Angler- Only myself + 1 thai angler as I'm waiting for the 'signal' from my inside boatman. Once he phone me about the water level & the size of the sebarau at the dam, I'll quickly pack my tackles and drive straight there to fish 2 DAYS, hopefully will make a record for myself.

Follow me to the adventure of wild fishing trip for sebarau (jungle perch) in Thailand.

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