Monday, September 13, 2010

Joel & Uu Thailand Fishing Shimano Conquest DC - By BKKGUY

Hey hey John

Time spent fishing with you pass by too fast!! I think we learn much about angling from you.
Really I didn't think we were going to catch much that day as the bite was slower than last month.
I thought I had fishing figured out, sometimes you catch more sometimes less. I was glad just to be beside still water and fishing anyway. But then you showed us something that really left an impression. Your perseverance and that never give up attitude really proved to us that getting fish is not just by luck. Keep casting, keep trying. I think the others present that day would feel the same too.

I was already very satisfied getting the first Arapaima when nobody else was getting any (Just like last month!!).
Actually I was ready to call it a day and pack up but I remember hearing you say 'keep the rod in. 1 more rod, 1 more chance'. Then BOOM!! A second and LARGER Arapaima right at the last minute!! Both times we fished with you we were the only ones getting this fish among all the other guides and anglers. I think that really proves you are head and shoulders above them!!

Really looking forward to the next time I can get more time off from work and go fishing with you again.
Mean time I will keep practicing my casting and lure presentation. Hope to join you for a wild fishing trip when I'm ready.
I'm sure I'll get to learn much from you again!!

Till then, tight lines!!

Joel Lam

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