Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Life !!! My Way !!! Thailand Wild Fishing By BKKGUY

I've just returned from a 3 DAYS exotic and exciting trip to the border line between Burma & Thailand. The views & scenery are exotic and beautiful. I've spent the last 3 DAYS fishing wild toman & sebarau non stop, away from the city jam, pollutions, noises and back to mother nature for comfort.

This wild fishing trip is not suitable for any averg newbie angler.
You need to be at least reasonable good in your casting and luring.There is no special chumming or bait to help you there. It you & your lure then come your prized/dream fish.

The only best advise I can offer you is my local knowledge and tips on which proper popper/ surface lure to use for the best strike.

For this fishing ground , buzz bait spinning lure won't work at all. Local frog lures and good size popper lures work BEST.

On top of that, you need to get yourself balance & comfortable on the wooden sampan boat, get yourself familiar with the surrounding weeds and tale sign of toman and sebarau coming up to the surface to breath for air......

You got to be fast and precise in your casting. I would highly recommend BC reel for east casting and speed when come to wild fishing.

No city comfort like air con or shower point on top fo the floating house. A dip in the cooling dam water is good enough to make your body relax after a hard day luring. The foods here are super, much better than the city I would say.

Fishes you can expect you gethere are rohu, wild patin, featherback, wild barramundi(20KG) , giant snakehead and jungle perch (Sebarau) etc. But we only interested to target the giant snakehead & jungle perch fo their surprise attack on surface lures.

Giant Snakehead: size 2KG- 15KG
Sebarau (Jungle perch): 1.5KG-6KG

My averg catch size for the past 3 days:

Jungle perch : 2-3KG
Toman: 1.5KG- 6KG

Follow me to the journey of the wild fishing in Thailand.

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