Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Elmer & 4 kaki 1 DAY Monsters lake + 2 DAYS Boon Ma !!!

john, once again tks for such a totally enjoyable trip! all the kakis were very impressed with your impeccable service and relentless enthusiasm! luckily for me or else i would have gotten a good earful as i nominated to use you as our guide.
tks for the brilliant pics as well. and most importantly, the arrangement of that special " virgin" pond. close to 30 fishes in 3 hrs on one rod alone is unbelievably incredible!! and all on poppers some more. the visual and audio effects from the takes were awesome! will definitely come back and fish with you soon! kop koon krup!

Hi John,

ALbert, Loy and I just got back from Bangkok and we are still talking about our fishing trip. We had such a wonderful time, I wanted to give you some feedback from the 3 of us. The trip was professionally conducted in several aspects, namely having the right hands on deck at Lake IT to 'help' out with baiting and spoting of fish. This was a major plus point as the local knowledge of the lake and the feeding habits of the fish both from yourself and your other helpers allowed us to land the many fish that we caught. Overall, the service was great and your customers all had a memorable time.Just one feedback which I think would help make the trip even more fantastic is the catering for lunch and snacks. Perhaps you could have some dishes with rice and soup + some smalls snacks of furit like Bananas, since we all do get a little hungry after all the excitement. Packet rice is good, but a good lunch would top out the trip. I guess each group may have their own needs, but would be great if you could could accomodate this request.

Anyway, I am going to plan my next trip already and this one will be the Toman Lake outside Ratchaburi.

In the meantime, I wish you good health, tight lines and plenty of bookings. I will refer you on to my personal friends should they decide to head out to Bangkok for some fishing.

Winston Quek

IT Monsters music clip.

Boon Ma music clip.

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