Sunday, August 2, 2009

ibr_midian & his Wife Wonderful Barramundi Fishing

Hi John

Well I am back not from a trip, more of a dream :-)

Anyway, thanks once again. I saw the pics up in FnR and facebook. Alan had posted it in his blog too.

BTW, the following is a testimonial for your site.......the least I could do.


It was more of a tackle testing session for me. I was in fact giving more emphasis to allow my wifey to get a taste of luring and the thrill of a fight. From the start, John had impressed me with patient, professional and timely replies to my enquiries.

On the very day, he was not punctual, he was very early. Along the way to our destination on his very comfortable SUV, he was very hospitable.

On reaching location, John and his co-handler were very helpful, ensured everything was fine and even shared tips with my wifey and me.

At the end of the day, both my wifey and me walked away not as satisfied customers, but joyous friends of John. Great job John! I hope to return again with my friends soon, wifey is so wanting to tag along for future trips.

By the way, to those who has the negative perception on pond barramundis (like me before the trip), be more than ready to face the barras in Boon Maa...........they will not give a run for the money you paid......coz.....they are gonna give a run for the money you paid for your rod and reel.


ibr_midian & wifey

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