Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4 Fishing Buddies 4 Days Fishing Trip (Thailand)

As experienced, this trip was very fulfilling and John held his end of the deal with numerous fishes being landed. With us first timers to bangkok, we got a full day of fighting mekong catfish, tiring and exhausting yet satisfying.
Boon Ma was also very productive. the kims destroyed many of our lures and boy did they fight hard. The bite rate was incredible too. They also took fly, good fun for a fly rod.

Our third day was spent at IT monster lake and a large variety of fish were caught. From alligator gar to silver arowana and their famed Red tailed catfish which fought pretty well.

Our last day, was back at BSR for more mekong fun. To our suprise, we managed to land a big one, estimated at 80 kg according to the staff there at 80 kg. and another big one ran into the stakes and got away.
All in all it was a fruitful trip for all of us. Thanks to John and the pond operators for arranging and ensuring we had our hands busy fighting fish and happy. Muscles all aching now!

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