Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother Of Boon Ma Catch Report (Thailand) DAY 1

Ever since I planned a successful big fishing event at Boon Ma for 19 anglers furing CNY period. The same group anglers together with some new faces wanted me to organise the same events for them. This trip, it will be 12 anglers and 2 ladies for 2 days fishing.

2 days of fishing at Boon Ma on the 30 April(yesterday) and 2th May(tomorrow). I specially request the Boon Ma boss to reserve 2 new ponds + 1 mature pond for them to enjoys.

You can't believe the kind of bites rate yesterday at Boon Ma. It was like the bites rate non stop from morning till evening time. Easily 500 pieces of fishes landed altogether by 12 anglers yesterday. Poppers, diver lures and walk the dogs etc, all lures were whacked left & right.[;)]

Enjoys the great photos & video clips. :)

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