Monday, May 11, 2009

Freshwater StingRay Fishing (Thailand)

Hi Guys, It has been weeks before I write any CRs to the fishing forum.Well !! Don't worry, when I start the ball rollings next mths , you guys will have continuous interesting CRs coming your way. In the meantimes, today I make a trip to this Banggapong river, the origin birth place for this famous giant Stingray of Thailand. Met up with this man behind all the Stingray catch in thailand. He name is Cue, a nice chap with a humble voice. The man behind most of the stingray catches in Thailand. All the guides include those thai & foreign fishing companies all engaged his pro service, he is afterall the BEST in this stingray trade.The man who hide behind all the cameras and let other get the glory for his hardworks. Today he is opening up his Stingray business for everyone. I'll be promoting his service if there is a demand for it. He is the man behind many successful stingray catches including the one made for the discovery channel video.Without further delay, I shall disclose to you guys the tackle and method behind this famous stingray fishing.Never before anyone willing to share the method use behind this wonderful fishing.

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